Social Intelligence


As owner of Aura Transformation Corp., David Tien is focused on empowering individuals through social intelligence training. Social Intelligence is essential to a fulfilling life, as it defines one’s capacity to effectively negotiate complex social relationships and environments. By improving awareness of situations and the social dynamics that govern them, one can be better prepared and more confident in social environments.

Building social intelligence improves interpersonal skills and the behavior which dictates whether a social interaction will have a toxic or nourishing effect. Toxic behavior makes people feel devalued, angry, frustrated, guilty or otherwise inadequate, while nourishing behavior makes people feel valued, respected, affirmed, encouraged or competent. David Tien has the skills and knowledge to liberate clients from toxic behavior and provide them with the confidence to build nourishing relationships.

Many people, unfortunately, do not continue to learn and grow as they age. As a result, many of these people never acquire the awareness and skills they need to succeed in social, business or professional situations. However, adults who lack these social skills can make significant improvements in their social intelligence as a result of understanding the basic concepts and continually working to improve their behavior. David Tien has proven success with thousands of clients, building a continued pattern of nourishing behavior, making them much more effective in dealing with others. This has clear and tangible benefits in social settings, including a more effective love life.